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Low Carb Baking Mix

Posted by lotsalittlelambs

I didn’t set out to make a copycat version of the Trim Healthy Mama Baking Blend. I love their mix… in most things I have tried it in. If you prefer something ready made, I have their great blend for purchase! Be sure to take advantage of my flat rate shipping and stock up on other goodies, too!

But, it is just more pricey than oat fiber or coconut flour. So, I always tried to use those more, saving the THM baking blend for special recipes. So, when developing my Cinnamon Bun Cake:

Cinnamon Bun Cake

And my Cinnamon Buns:

Cinnamon Buns

I measured and mixed several different flours when creating them. The only difference in the buns over the cake was the addition of almond flour. It didn’t change the batter texture, but it gave a sweet flavor and a nicer crumb to them. For those that are nut free, I believe you could leave out the almond flour and this should still work well!

First, let’s talk coconut flour! I have always used the coconut flour from Bob’s Red Mill. And I was very happy with it. I order it in a 25 pound bag, but I ran out eventually. And… I bought some from Wal-Mart! I hated it! Course, heavy… and about twice the amount of fat as Bob’s Red Mill. Using the right coconut flour makes a big difference in this mix and the baked goods you make from it. ?

Next, what fuel is it? I am not sure. I am going to use it as a light S. I think it could squeeze by as a FP, because oat fiber and collagen have no fats or carbs, coconut flour and flax are low, but then there’s the almond meal. (You could definitely decrease or leave out the almond flour) Not much, and I think you could squeeze by in a FP, especially if you only used a 1/4 cup of the mix, but because I hate to crunch numbers… I’ll keep it to S or not tell you if I use it for FP! ??

Low Carb Baking Mix
1 cup oat fiber
1 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup golden flax meal
1/2 cup collagen
1/2 cup almond meal
2 Tablespoons glucomannan

Mix all together well, and store in a jar or container.

I was surprised how well it subs for the THM Baking Blend. It seems to sub out equally. I have made the Nuke Queen’s Bread with success in the oven.

Here are the chocolate chip muffins from the Trim Healthy Cookbook. Can you tell which is made with the THM blend and which is mine? I can’t either.

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22 thoughts on “Low Carb Baking Mix

  1. Amy

    So what does the glucomannan do? Do you think I could sub it out with something else? It drops my Cholesterol too low and then I feel terrible.

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      The glucomannan is a binder. I would try subbing xanthan gum. I think that would work if you can handle xanthan.

  2. M

    My almond flour is very granulated. Is this okay?

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      Yes, mine was too.

  3. Rebecca

    Any ideas for what I could use in place of oat fiber. I have children with sensitivities to all grains.

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      I would try to replace the oat fiber with coconut. I haven’t tried that, but I think it should work.

  4. Rebecca


  5. Maxine

    Alergic to coconut what can be substituted for that?

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      Hi Maxine! I have not tested this for subbing out other ingredients for the coconut flour. Im sure there would be a way to make one coconut free. I don’t know if you could get by with replacing the coconut with oat fiber or not.

  6. Patty

    I crunched the numbers. 😉
    Oat fiber, collagen and glucomannon basically have zero carbs/fats.
    Coconut flour – 16 g fat and 24 g carbs in one cup
    flax – 14 g fat and zero grams of carbs in a half cup
    almond flour – 28 g fat and 6 g carbs in a half cup

    This mix makes 3.5 cups (roughly — not precisely!). Using 1/4 cup as a standard “serving” as most THM/low carb single serve products usually use about that much (roughly — not precisely! haha…), it follows that there are 14 servings in this one batch of baking mix, which would mean that from the 58 grams of total fat and 30 grams of total carbs in the whole mix, that would equal:
    4.14 g fat per serving
    2.14 g of carbs per serving

    So — this would technically be considered a fuel pull since it is less than 5g of fat and 10g of carbs. And, of course, you need to consider what else you are adding to this 1/4 cup of baking mix since that could change the fuel.
    Thanks for the recipe!

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      Thank you! That is nice to know. ?

  7. Mitsie

    Do you know if Almond flour could be ground again in a grinder to get it to a finer stage? I’d like it to not be so grainy! Or is it what it is???

    Thank you,

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      I’m not sure. I guess it’s worth a try. It doesn’t seem too grainy in the mix… although I’m not too fond of it normally, either. It can just be left out, too, if you prefer. It does add some sweetness to the flavor and makes a nicer crumb texture, I think.

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  9. Diane

    I would love to make some of this. What brand of collagen do you buy and where do you get it from. Same question about glucomannan?

    Thank you!

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      Hi, Diane! I use the Custom Collagen and THM glucomannan. You can find both of those for sale in my online store. ?

  10. Kathy

    Hey there! Can I substitute gelatin for collagen? I have an abundance of gelatin, and just used up the rest of my collagen for my whey/collagen/sea salt master mix for ‘bulletproof herbal chai…’?

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      No… I am sorry, but I believe gelatin will not work the same. I believe you would have gooey baked goods. ?

  11. Michelle

    Hi there! This looks great but I was wondering, could I use regular flax meal in place of the golden? I have an abundance of the regular and if stuff has little brown specks, I have no problem with that.

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      You know, I don’t see why that wouldn’t work. I think the golden is primary used in baking because of the lighter color. I would definitely give it a try if I were you. ?

  12. Jill

    What can I substitute for flax since I am really allergic to it? Any suggestions on increasing or decreasing the other ingredients? Also, I do not have collagen.

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      I would probably just try leaving out the flax. You could add equal amounts of one if the other flours or a mix of them, if you like. You can purchase collagen from my store if you like. It can also be found at some health food stores, and many places online.

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