Meet Jesse; Owner, Builder

Jesse is the second son and fourth born of the Lamb family crew. At 19, about 2 years ago, he started his own business building greenhouses; adding horse barns, chicken sheds and more.

Jesse worked for a couple of other companies doing construction, for several years prior to branching out on his own. He really enjoyed his time working for an ex-Amish friend, custom building log homes. Merlin encouraged Jesse to branch out on his own, as the younger generation should. As my brother put it, we teach them all they know, so they can go and do it better. Jesse has never lacked confidence, and quickly learned skill. It’s no wonder his beautiful product has him hopping to fulfill orders.

When Jesse isn’t building, you’ll find him at a church activity, fishing, dirt biking or working very hard at some other other very fun and physical activity.

After our house burned, a year ago, Jesse joined the fire department. Many days I see him drop everything and run for his vehicle as he responds to a page and rushes to help with a fire or accident.

To contact Jesse, text or call him at 406-595-2827. Texts are sometimes best. If you don’t reach him by phone right away, it’s probably because he is building, or out trying to save someone, or possibly out of phone service. He will do his best to call you or text you back, quickly, as he values your business.

Jesse with baby brother Joel.
One of the first buildings in construction, the Raised Roof Barn Model.
After staining. He got a bit on him that day.
His side, volunteer job.
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