Garden Seeds

What do you want to plant in your beautiful new greenhouse, and in your garden? I keep garden seeds on hand. You’ll want to look through these, in person, yourself. But, in the meantime, here’s a list of some I try to keep in stock.

Heirloom, non GMO and organic garden seeds:

$2.00 a pack, Seed counts vary by variety.


Blue lake bush bean

Red noodle bean

Roma 11 Bean

Strike bean


Bull’s blood beet 

Chioggia beet


Calabrese broccoli

De Cicco broccoli 

Romanesco broccoli


Early Jersey Wakfield Cabbage 

Late flat Dutch cabbage

Red Acre cabbage

Red Russian kale 

Long Island brussel sprout


Atomic red carrot

Little fingers carrot

Rainbow mix carrot

Scarlet Nantes carrot 

Yellow carrot


Ambrosia sweet corn

Bloody Butcher corn

Golden bantam 12 corn

Japanese hulless popcorn 

Miniature blue popcorn

Oaxaca Green Dent corn

Ornamental glass gem corn 

Stowell evergreen corn 


Boston pickling cucumber 

Muncher cucumber

National pickling cucumber


Little fingers eggplant

Rosa Bianca


Batchelor button pink

Black Russian sunflower 

Candy stripe zinnia

Chabaud la France dianthus seed

Chabaud orange sherbet dianthus

Crackerjack marigold mix 

Envy (green) zinnia

Isabellina Zinnia 

Johnny jump up viola

Munstead lavender

Picotee cosmo

Rose snapdragon

Salmon zinnia


Birdhouse gourd 

Cornucopia gourd mix

Luffa Gourd



English common thyme

Italian large leaf basil 

Italian oregano 

Lemon basil

Mammoth Long Island dill 

Sweet marjoram

Triple curled parsley

Lettuce and greens:

Arugula slow bolt 

Black seeded Simpson lettuce

Bloomsdale long standing spinach 

Blue curled scotch kale

Butter crunch lettuce 

Champion collards 

Cimmaron lettuce

Deer tongue lettuce 

Lolla Rossa leaf lettuce

Marvel of 4 saisons lettuce

Tango leaf lettuce

Rainbow Swiss chard

Red Russian kale


Dixie queen watermelon 

Ha’ogen melon

Minnesota midget cantaloupe melon

Tender sweet orange watermelon


Clemson spineless okra

Hill country red okra 

Long pod Perkins okra


Heshiko Bunching onion

Large American flag leek

Red burgundy onion 

Walla walla onion


Lincoln pea

Mammoth melting snow pea

Oregon giant pea


California wonder bell pepper 

Cayenne long slim pepper

Hungarian wax hot pepper

Red Corno Di Horno Pepper

Serrano pepper


Cherry belle radish 

China rose radish

Daikon radish

Early scarlet globe radish

Purple plum radish


Black beauty zucchini 

Blue Hubbard squash

Burgess buttercup squash

Crookneck squash 

Delicata squash

Grey zucchini 

Sugar pie pumpkin

Table king bush acorn squash

Vegetable spaghetti squash 

Waltham butternut squash 


Amish paste tomato 

Beefsteak tomato

Blueberry tomato

German pink tomato 

Hartman’s yellow gooseberry tomato Large red cherry tomato

Red centiflor tomato 

Tiffen Mennonite tomato

Vintage wine tomato

Turnip, etc.


Call or text Rebekah Lamb, at 5736942443 to arrange a time to meet up and look at garden seeds

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