Welcome! (Launch in 2016)

Hi! My name is Rebekah Lamb! I have been married to my husband for almost 21 years, and we have 11 children!

We live in the state of Montana. We moved here about four years ago, from Missouri! Though we miss the trees and green of Missouri, I can’t say we miss the humidity or the ticks! And the mountains here are beautiful!

I hope to offer you great recipes on my blog!

And in my store I am hoping to offer you good quality items at reasonable prices! I plan to carry my sugar free jams, lots of THM friendly foods, ingredients, (including the THM brand), and homemade foods, clothes and crafts. So, lots of family friendly stuff, all from one place! 🙂

Perhaps you would like to know who you would be helping to support, should you decide to become our customer? Let me introduce you to my family!

Keturah is our oldest! She is almost 20! She currently is volunteering at Above Rubies, in Tennessee. When she is home, she keeps very busy, either cleaning house for people, doing custom sewing, babysitting, you name it-she is a busy girl! She likes to knit..in her spare time. (What is that?) But her passion is writing! She has a blog if you’d like to check out some of her stuff. It is keturahskorner.blogspot.com.

Jonathan is 18. He currently is working at a wood working shop, building buildings. But, his dream is to have an organic farm, growing things from heirloom seeds. He has raised chickens and other numerous birds to resale the last few years. I think he had a total of around 800 last year! 🙂

Jerushah is 17. She loves art, drawing, and wants to get into pottery. She also likes horses and most things outdoors! She is currently covering her sister’s baby sitting job while she is away. But, her heart is at home. She is looking forward to hopefully being able to stay at home, and help me run this business! 🙂

Jesse is 15. He and Jerushah are taking over the bird business this year, although Johnny is still involved, too, especially with the finance part! 🙂 He enjoys sword fighting! With swords the kids make from sticks.

Bekah Jo is 14. She helps out a lot around the house, still, although she enjoys earning some of her own money by house cleaning for a few select people. She enjoys music, and generally remembers to practice piano plus other music every day! She played the guitar on the cacao heart video post.

Josiah is almost 13.
Jacob is 11.
Joash is 8.
And Jonah is 7.
We call these 4 ‘the little boys’. But really they are not so little anymore! Their main jobs are school, and helping clean up! 🙂 They are growing into fine young men, just like their older brothers and Dad! 🙂

Keiziah is almost 4.
Keilah is almost 2. These are our 2 ‘little girls’. They are the little flowers that make us stop and smile every day! 🙂

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