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These are simple, hold together well, are flexible, and are so nice to have ready made in the fridge to fill however you like. They make a great grab and go meal or snack at anytime!

Each recipe makes one wrap. I just have each ingredient sitting on my work space, to the side, and mix and roll one at a time. I try to get the next one ready while the last is cooking.

Oat Fiber Wrap
(This would be a FP on THM)
2 Tablespoons oat fiber
1 teaspoon glucomannan
1/2 teaspoon psyllium husk (update: or powder! I almost prefer ground psyllium in these, now).
Pinch of salt
4 Tablespoons water

Mix dry ingredients.
Add water and mix. Will quickly set up. Form into a ball and flatten. Roll between 2 sheets of Saran Wrap till thin and flat. Cook on a heated dry cast iron griddle. (Something else may work, but this is what I used and it worked well.) Cook on one side till dry enough to flip, then turn and cook on the other side. That’s it! I like to make about a dozen, and store them in the fridge in a gallon size ziplock bag.

Light Rye Wrap
(These have about 5 carbs each)
Use above recipe but ADD 1 Tablespoon rye flour to the above recipe. Below, is how I used these in an E meal. With beans as a carb source.

Coconut Flour Wraps
Just replace the oat fiber with 2 Tablespoons of coconut flour! And follow the directions in the first recipe.

Edit: Thought I’d add a note. Maybe I can add a video later, too. I roll these out really thin. They are bigger than a corn tortilla, more like a wheat burrito. I feel like using ground psyllium, instead of the whole husk, makes the texture even better.

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40 thoughts on “Wraps

  1. R Marie

    Thank you! I made the Oat Fiber Wrap this evening and it was very good. I’ll definitely be trying the others and making a pile of them. Was getting so tired of lettuce wraps. 🙂

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      You are welcome! I am so glad you liked them…and will be able to enjoy having them made up. 🙂 Thank you for the feedback!

      1. bonnie

        how do you get it on the pan? mine would not come off the parchment paper, I put the plastic wrap on one side and parchment for stability on the bottom but I guess that did not work the plastic wrap just bunches up too much.

        1. lotsalittlelambs

          It may be the parchment paper? I’ve never used parchment… I use two pieces of Saran. I peel off the top lay the wrap over my hand, peel off the second, then quickly slip it onto the skillet. 🙂

  2. Rose

    Can you make these and freeze them?

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      I haven’t tried freezing them, yet. I think they should. I hope to get enough made ahead that I can try it… 🙂

  3. Ronna

    You haveawinner produt here… looooove the wraps! Would love it if you made a panake mix ( containing all of the associated flours) and sold it on line in sm and lg bags.


    Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      No, I don’t use Twitter. You can sign up to get email notifications of my blog posts, though.

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  8. Deborah S Venetucci

    I have to try these!!! Yummy!!

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      I hope you like them!

  9. Pat

    What does the fp mean? Thank you!

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      FP is a term used by Trim Healthy Mama, a lifestyle and eating plan. It is a used for foods that are neither high in carbs nor fats.

  10. stacy

    How do you make them round? I tried between the saran and used a rolling pin and nah, nothing even close to a tortilla unless I have a huge piece of saran… Help :-/

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      Sure. I use two pieces of Saran. I let the dough set barely to begin to thicken, only if it isn’t thick enough. Then I first pat it onto the bottom layer of Saran into a round. Lay the top piece of Saran on it. Begin rolling with a rolling pin by pressing from the center out. I occasionally will lift and free the top Saran, to rid it of wrinkles. Then replace the Saran and flip the whole thing. If the edges of the wrap are crooked, just lift the Saran and fold them back a little ways towards the middle. Then roll again. This gets them pretty round, though not all are perfect. I hope this helps and isn’t just more confusing. Someday maybe I can do an instructional video. I hope they work better for you!

      1. stacy

        I tried again and they are just too gummy. I can barely get it mixed together before it sets up. I had better luck rolling them on parchment paper, but I don’t know if they cooked or not, inside was very wet looking or gummy I don’t know how else to explain it. I really really want this too work. Using egg whites is getting really pricey 🙁

        1. lotsalittlelambs

          Hi Stacy. I am so sorry you’re having such trouble with the wraps. ? If they are to gummy to roll between Saran Wrap, I would probably add a little less water. One other friend that made these had to do that, too. I don’t know why, unless our ingredients could possibly be a little different. I will do my best to get a video up soon so that people can see the texture and the process.

        2. Jennifer

          So just a crazy thought here, but if you’re using psyllium husk powder, that makes it much gummier then if you use whole psyllim husks. I used whole psyllium husk’s and these are beautiful!

          1. lotsalittlelambs

            Thank you for your comment. Yes, these should have husk, not powder!

      2. bonnie

        can you use a parchment paper instead plastic wrap is harder to work with. also apparently it is a different texture than the wonder wrap recipe.

        1. lotsalittlelambs

          I haven’t tried the parchment paper. Did you, and did it work? No, this is a stiff dough that needs to be rolled very thin. Unlike the wonder wraps… which are a thin spreadable batter. ?

    2. Cheryl

      I roll all my homemade tortillas with a rolling pin on a flexible silicone mat and then cut them using a small lid from a pan that has a slightly sharp edge. Perfect circles every tine.

      1. lotsalittlelambs

        That sounds like a neat way! ?

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  12. Cat

    These are fantastic! So much so that I felt compelled to share my enthusiastic experiences over the past few months of making these.

    I bought an inexpensive tortilla press just to make these and it was absolutely worth it. I’ve had decent success scaling the ingredients 2x and up to 4x (makes 6 small tortillas), but I wouldn’t recommend this to someone trying the recipe for the first time. The dough will need to be covered while you roll out each tortilla, and will still dry out slightly over time. I’ve gotten efficient with two skillets going at once. It also helps to know what texture to expect to be prepared to adjust the amount of water/oat fiber on the fly to get the right consistency.
    I have been wondering if the recipe, especially scaled up 4x, needs quite so much konjac. I think that’s where I am getting some excess elasticity and gummy texture at times. I’ve also noticed a difference between oat fiber brands. That said, even the thicker wraps that look a bit gummy inside work and taste great. I’ll report back when I play around.
    These freeze well, but can get a little soggy , esp. if too thick/a bit underdone. My best results so far were using paper towels as separators (both to freeze and thaw in microwave, one or two at a time).

    Next step: Finding out if these can be fully baked in the oven, par-cooked then baked, or fully cooked and then baked. I want to use them for lahmajoun, but not sure how to treat these compared to the authentic dough.

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  15. Cara

    do you use psyllium husk flakes or powder? I also wonder if that is making a difference for the people having texture issues.

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      I use the flakes, more commonly called husks. 🙂

      1. Cara

        Thank you 🙂

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  17. Mollie Wells

    The oat fiber wraps are LIFE CHANGING!!!! I just made enchiladas with them and they are absolutely delicious. I love the texture and how versatile they are. I plan on using them tomorrow for sandwiches. I don’t have a tortilla press so I baked them in the oven on parchment paper and a pizza stone.

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      Wonderful! That sounds like that would work well. I generally cook them in a cast iron griddle, after hand rolling between Saran Wrap. 🙂

  18. Mollie Wells

    Just thought that i would add, they are EVEN better after sitting in the fridge for a bit. They are soft, just like white flour tortillas! Thank you again!

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      You are welcome! ?

  19. Jennifer

    Just for anyone wondering, you cannot substitute xanthan gum for the glucomannan powder. It completely ruins this recipe ( I saw some people said they were gummy. That might be the reason why.) The other reason that I’ve found is that it may be you’re using psyllium powder instead of whole psyllium husks. That makes a huge difference as well. Hope that’s helpful helpful!

    1. lotsalittlelambs

      I hadn’t tried xanthan, so I’m glad to know your results on this!!

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