Introducing Collagen!

Posted by lotsalittlelambs


I’m so excited to introduce you to a new product!

Collagen is a naturally gluten free product. And this particular brand is kosher, as well. It is sourced from beef.

Some of the many benefits of collagen are said to be healing of painful joints, supporting skin tone, and increasing hair and nail strength. Many claim it has relieved their arthritus symptoms, and aided in the healing of broken bones.

I love to use Collagen as a source of protein. Sometime I stir it in my tea. It is also great in a shake. (I really don’t think there is much flavor). And I’ve heard it gives a good texture added to baked goods! I am still experimenting, but over all, I have been impressed with the baked goods I have added it to.

But the best part? I’m putting this on sale ($2 off) to give you an extra good deal! And not only that, but whoever orders collagen during the sale will receive a free jar of my homemade jam! 🙂

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