Royalty Purple Pod Bush, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds


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Images and descriptions used courtesy of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Bush. 56 days. You can’t miss these electrifying purple pods; they really buzz with color on compact bush plants. Beyond their ornamental quality, these beans make a sumptuous snack, and you won’t believe your eyes when they magically turn from purple to green when you cook them! This yummy variety was bred by the legendary New Hampshire plant breeder Elwyn Meader in the 1950s. Meader was a devout Quaker and visionary plant breeder. His encyclopedic plant knowledge collided with a childlike sense of fun and wonder in the garden to create such memorable heirlooms as Golden Midget watermelon and Fall Gold raspberry. The inspiration for this heirloom was born when Meader’s wife had remarked that it would be much easier to harvest beans if the pods were a different, bright color. Meader created over 60 varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers, which could have made him a small fortune. However, he despised patenting and insisted that his work was to benefit the people.


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