Butter Goes on Bread; Sincerely September & Giveaway

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📣Giveaway! A spot in the following group!



I’m the month of September calling to you, from Rebekah Lamb’s Kitchen. ☎️

In my month, as the leaves begin to fall, we’ll bake bread. 🍂 🍁

🍞 But this bread… it’s not just any bread! It is:
• gluten free
• dairy free
• nut free
• low carb
• raised with yeast
• a great texture
• full of flavor

Besides bread, we’ll explore sub rolls, wraps.. that are very allergen free, pizza, wraps made from vegetables (yes two different kinds of wraps!) and more!

We’ll have free printables; a calendar page and a daily planner. 🗓

There will be daily accountability posts where you can post your meals and ask questions!

Weekly challenges with prizes are also happening!

So as we jump into my month, join us if you will, as we find out the Butter really does belong on Bread!

          ‘September’ 🍁

Group price for the month of September is $35.

To sign up, message me, Rebekah Lamb, on Facebook messenger, or text at 5736942443.

See you soon!

Rebekah Lamb

Restoring with Coach Rebekah

Lotsa Little Lambs


📣 For a chance to get a free spot in this group, enter my giveaway!

Giveaway from 8/16/2022 through 8/23/22.

To enter now, click on this rafflecopter link:

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⬇️ Here is a video, also!

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